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Can I book an appointment?

No - unfortunately the last day of patient service was 22.2.2024 and Wingham Wellbeing has been unable to secure a locum or permanent doctor to replace Dr Jenny in her illness, so instead we closed the doors finally on 11.3.2024 and are assisting patients with continuity of care via email only, and we thank you for respecting her privacy.

How do I get my records transferred to a new GP?

Nearly all Wingham Wellbeing records are up to date, and because of the sudden nature of the situation, all Transfer of Medical Records are being provided free of charge upon request as soon as possible, directly to the patient or to their new GP, ONLY VIA EMAIL. Please allow at least 2 weeks for this process and please request via

What about the appointments I have booked in the future?

All patients are being contacted to inform them individually of the practice closure and facilitate expedient record transfer for continuity of care.

No medical services can be provided through Wingham Wellbeing.

All appointments scheduled further in advance have been cancelled.

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