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Integrative Medicine

General Practice is the cornerstone of the wonderful health system we have in Australia. However more than 80% of our population regularly seek complimentary alternative therapies and medicines (CAMS).


For this reason Wingham Wellbeing embraces the additions to wellness promotion and disease management that these therapies can provide. Dr Jenny has undertaken extra training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, and is trained in prescribing Nutrient therapies for mental illness, autism and ADHD, as pioneered by Dr Bill Walsh and Dr Carl Pfeiffer.

Wingham Wellbeing is also the home of Grainne Attwell, qualified Dietitian, works Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday morning every three weeks and is available for individual dietary assessment and advice to compliment the Nutrient Protocols in close co-operation with Dr Jenny.


Unfortunately the Medicare funding system cannot support consultations that are purely for this type of holistic medicine. In particular Medicare will not pay for the testing required to accurately diagnose and manage these conditions using Nutrient therapy. Medicare rebates are not available at all for the other practitioners listed, but some private health funds may offer rebates.


From March 2016 all Integrative Medicine GP consultations undertaken at Wingham Wellbeing will not attract a Medicare Rebate. Patients interested in seeking Dr Jenny’s opinion on matters of mental health, gut health, food sensitivities and behavioural problems will need to complete a comprehensive questionnaire and then undertake specialised testing. Private billing will apply for these consultations, so that Medicare is not involved and Medicare will only be utilised for conventional general practice consultations and chronic disease management.


There will be a transitioning period, during which patients who have already been receiving Integrative prescriptions will continue to be managed under Medicare for their consultations. All testing of Zinc, Copper, Caeruloplasmin, Vitamin D, Histamine and Homocysteine will need to be undertaken privately and preferably at Douglass Hanly Moir pathology. Testing for Pyrroluria is not covered by any Medicare rebate.  Patients will be able to access Integrative Medicine consultations at designated times, outside of usual practice consultation times and via a mixture of Skype and face to face consults, independent of the Wingham Wellbeing subscription system.

We are looking forward to welcoming more patients to the benefits of holistic medicine.

For more information on available appointments and prices, please contact Annabelle on 02 6557 0470 or by email at

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